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    Climate Commitment

    Introducing our sustainability initiatives at DMP Kickz!

    We're dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint and contributing to environmental conservation with every order.

    At DMP Kickz, we understand the environmental impact of shipping emissions associated with e-commerce deliveries. That's why we've partnered with innovative companies committed to removing carbon from the air.

    Together with these forward-thinking businesses, here's what we've achieved:

    - Removed thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.
    - Provided carbon-neutral shipping for over ten million orders.

    Here's how our sustainability programs work: For each order placed with DMP Kickz, we calculate the estimated shipping emissions and allocate a portion of our revenue to reputable carbon removal companies, endorsed by scientists from Carbon Direct. These companies utilize the funds to eliminate the equivalent amount of carbon produced by our shipments, with any surplus funds contributing to the development of carbon removal technologies.

    Allow us to introduce you to some of the remarkable companies behind our sustainability efforts:

    1. Grassroots Carbon:
    Grassroots Carbon partners with ranchers to implement sustainable land management practices, enhancing soil health and carbon sequestration.

    2. Mast Reforestation:
    Mast Reforestation utilizes traditional forestry methods and innovative technology to restore resilient forests lost to wildfires, playing a crucial role in carbon removal initiatives.

    With DMP Kickz, you're not just purchasing the most exclusive footwear – you're actively participating in efforts to protect the planet. Join us in our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. Experience eco-conscious shopping with DMP Kickz today!