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    Sole Protector - 1 Pair

    di DMP Kickz

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    Sole Protector
    A sole protector is the perfect item for people who like to keep their sneakers clean and new. The outsoles are often the only part of the shoe that get dirty, especially if you take care of your expensive sneakers.

    It is an extremely difficult job to clean the outsoles, you can remove the dirt, but you will always keep seeing the stains from walking outside. This does not matter if you simply wear your shoes and don't care about if they are clean or not, but it does matter if you might want to sell the shoes in the future.

    The outsoles are a big factor in the market of used sneakers, outsoles represent how badly someone has worn the shoes. You will never get a nice price back for them if the outsoles are dirty, have lots of stains or if they are yellowing. 

    This Sole Protector solves all problems. It stops your outsoles from yellowing, getting stains, discoloring and everything else that can make it dirty. It is a simply solution to prevent your sole from getting dirty. 

    1 Size fits all*
    The sole protector can be applied on sizes up to EU 47. Simply cut the protector to your desired size and apply.

    How to apply

    1. Cut the protector to the correct size. (Tip: put your shoe on the protector and cut around it.)
    2. Stick the protector to the outsole, make sure to apply pressure to make it stick well. 
    3. Use a hairdryer, heatgun or an iron to stick the sides perfectly to the sole. (The protector will melt a bit which makes it stick better to the sole.)

      Apply the heat gently and make sure it sticks correctly.

      Watch our How To Apply video here (soon)

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